Strategic Plan

HOW: Students help us PLAY IT FORWARD in one of two ways:

  • Conducting a recreational program or sports camp/event in the community that focuses character and skill development


  • Facilitating a fund-raising event for the purpose of filling a specific need for partner organizations, coordinating and conducting a sports camp or event, or providing scholarship funds to send kids to camps we partner with and support.


Step 1: Mentor college or high school students in the creation of free camps for kids in their community

  • Reach out to college organizations in the states of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin
  • Pair the college organization up with a local school to build a lasting relationship between the two groups
  • Create SMART goals with the students to ensure an effective camp
  • Allow the college students to have autonomy to help teach the kids how to Play It Forward
  • Allow all kids to pick their own value and fill out their Play It Forward Value Card

Step 2: Mentor college or high school students to provide support and raise money in an effort to help local organizations with a similar mission

  • Identify various organizations and nonprofits in the community near a college
  • Ask the organizations what needs can be filled with our efforts and relationship in the college world
  • Reach out to college students and explain the need in their community and how we can solve the problems together
  • Provide camps and fundraising events that work towards a solution for our fellow organizations mission and vision

Step 3: Mentor college or high school students in an effort to build a scholarship fund to send kids to various pre-approved sports camps for free

  • Communicate with schools to find kids who are in need of financial assistance to attend camps
  • Kids will provide a maximum one page pledge as to how they are going to Play It Forward.
  • They will receive a t-shirt and Play It Forward Card to present to those they are volunteering for prior to the camp
  • Upon completion of their volunteerism, S.P.O.R.T.S. will give a donation in the kids name to a cause of their choosing