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  • 1. Do you provide opportunities for kids who are mentally or physically disabled?

    Of Course! As an organization we pride ourselves on seeking out other organizations to partner and provide the best services for all our camp participants. We never say no to a child and promise that we will work with whoever necessary to ensure every kid no matter the circumstances is able to come to our camps. Not only are we interested in teaching kids to Play It Forward out in their community, but are excited to see the same amount of love at all of our camps by helping fellow kids.

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  • 2. Do you provide scholarships for kids to go to other camps that are not put on by S.P.O.R.T.S.?

    Definitely! That is one step to our strategic plan to Play It Forward. We encourage the kids to make a pledge to Play It Forward in their community. Upon making this pledge, we will cover their costs to attend another camp that is in line with the mission of S.P.O.R.T.S. Even more so, once the kid completes their volunteer effort, we will provide a monetary donation in their name to a cause of their choice.

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  • 3. Who is allowed to come to your camps?

    Yes, we strive to have an inviting environment for all kids no matter what their race, gender, or background. We believe many kids miss out on the opportunity to attend camps due to, but not limiting, financial issues, language barriers, and bullying. We understand these barriers can limit the chance for these kids to get the experience our team had when we were young. Our goal is to remove those challenges and barriers so they have equal opportunity as the student standing next to them.

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  • 4. Will you send kids to camps that are not focused around sports/ student involvement?

    Unfortunately no. Our mission is to provide opportunities through the use of students. We have made a promise to our donors that their money would go towards the mission and vision of S.P.O.R.T.S. Part of that mission is to provide scholarships and help similar organizations. With this in mind, the camps have to be sports related and have a high student involvement.

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  • 1. How do I donate?

    A few ways to donate!

    • Click HERE to be taken to our donation page
    • Mail a cash donation or check payable to SPORTS to PO Box 63 Armada, MI. 48005

    Thank you for your support

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  • 2. I'm a business owner, how do I get involved?

    Plenty of options! You can get involved on an individual basis or help create a partnership between S.P.O.R.T.S. Nonprofit and your business. Contact Tyler Kinch at ty.kinch@gmail.com for further information about partnerships.

    Individual Basis:

    • There is always opportunities to volunteer in a Community Director roll in an up and coming location
    • You can help us create contacts and build relationships with local college students
    • You can support financially by clicking HERE to head to our donations page
    • You can work side by side with the student Team Leaders who put on all of our events and camps

    Business Partnership:

    • Your business can sponsor a local S.P.O.R.T.S.'s team to help fund camps in your area
    • A partnership can be made to help fundraise for organizational costs and outreach
    • A symbiotic relationship can be created to help promote both entities through social media
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  • 3. Are donations tax deductible?

    Yes! S.P.O.R.T.S. Nonprofit is a registered 501(c)-3 entity with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). All donors will receive a receipt with the necessary information for the end of the year paperwork.

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